New Artist Book, “A Surreal Archive: the Young-Mallin Collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art” / Kristen Regina

Hello all!

We are pleased to announce the publication of a limited-edition artist book that the Philadelphia Museum of Art Library and Archives created in partnership with Brooklyn based artist Tammy Nguyen.

Tammy interpreted the Surrealist art collection of Judith Young-Mallin that we recently received, and filled it with a pop-up dollhouse, hidden panels, lace, feather, fake hair and many other surreal elements that whimsically reflect the archive.

For a full description of the book, please see the press release:

For more information about Tammy, she is the founder of Passenger Pigeon press, has her MFA in Painting/Printmaking from Yale, did a Fulbright in Vietnam, and her most recent exhibition was at Crush Curatorial, a review of which was published in Hyperallergic.


Kristen Regina is the Arcadia Director of the Library and Archives at the Philadelphia Museum of Art


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