The Not So Lazy Days of Summer / Kathy Edwards, Barbara Opar, and Rose Orcutt

How did you spend your summer? Well, in late June, three architecture librarians- Kathy Edwards of Clemson University, Rose Orcutt of the University of Buffalo and Barbara Opar from Syracuse University, got together in Syracuse for two days to finalize a new core list of architecture periodicals- the fifth version since its inception.

The core list of architecture periodicals was first compiled in 1995 and intended to address the needs of first degree programs in Architecture. The need for such a list was initially suggested in the early 1990s by Pat Wiesenberger (Kansas State University) at an annual meeting of the Association of Architecture School Librarians (AASL). She proposed preparing a list of titles “without which we cannot operate,” and AASL has held fast to that principle as, over succeeding years, members of the group wrangled over additions and deletions. Revised lists were issued in 1995, 1998, 2002 and 2009. Volunteers from the larger AASL membership each time took on the task of preparing the list and gathering input from the broader membership. Knowledge of the ever changing field and survey data have been key. Coverage and cost were weighed. Peer review and the availability of indexing were important components. The Avery list of architectural periodicals currently being indexed was scrutinized. With this edition, format (print, electronic), the type of graphic documentation (e.g. plans, sections, etc.), image quality, length of articles, notable contributors and impact data (when available) were all factors in determining whether a title should be added or remain on the list.

Until now, the lists have consisted of two categories: core and supplementary. This working group changed that. AASL lists are considered “starting points”, though the National Architecture Accrediting Board (NAAB) has recognized their value in evaluating library collections. Work on a revised list began several years ago and surveys were distributed to both ARLIS and AASL. Faculty input was sought via ACSA News. The survey data, while informative, became a stumbling block. One respondent felt that Casabella was not core. Several other respondents offered up titles like Axis, Cabinet, Candide, and Pidgin to the core category. Finally the working group returned to the original notion of necessary titles.

Group members also realized that some librarians were having issues with the categories. What is supplementary? So the new categories are now Core, Recommended and Topical. Topical is used to imply highly specialized or regional. A category of Titles to Watch reminds potential users of new titles on the market or those that are likely to evolve.

The list below is being presented as a guideline and working tool for those with architecture collections. In a new or small school with limited funds, core may be all that can be collected. Larger libraries with robust budgets may even go beyond topical. Certainly, there are additional titles being published of benefit to faculty and students. The working group also recommends that librarians consider regionally focused titles. Hopefully fellow architecture librarians and those arts libraries with architecture holdings will find value in this list. Additional information like ISSN numbers, indexing, format, and impact will be included in a version to be distributed in the very near future.


A+U Architecture & Urbanism AA Files
Abitare I’Arca International
Architect (AIA) Architecture d’Aujourd’hui
Architectural Design Architectural Record
Architectural Review Architectural Science Review
Arquine Arquitectura Viva
AV Monografias Blueprint (London)
Canadian Architect Casabella
C3 Korea /C3 Magazine El Croquis
Environment and Planning. B, Planning and Design EVolo
Detail (English) Detail (German/French/English)
Detail Green Domus
GA Architect (series) GA Document (series)
GA Houses (series) Harvard Design Magazine
International Journal of Architectural Computing (IJAC) Japan Architect
Journal of Architectural and Planning Research Journal of Architectural Education
Journal of Architecture Journal of Green Building
Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians Landscape Architecture Magazine
Log Lotus International
Mark: Another Architecture New Geographies
Perspecta The PLAN: Architecture and Technologies in Detail
The PLAN: Research in Architecture and Urbanism
Quaderns d’Arquitectura i Urbanisme TAD: Technology | Architecture + Design


2G: International Architecture Review (series) A+T
ACSA News AMC: Moniteur Architecture
Architects’ Journal Architect’s Newspaper
Architectural Histories (EAHN) Architectural History: the Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians of G.B.
Architectural Theory Review
Architecture Today
Archithese ArchNet-IJAR
ARQ: Architectural Research Quarterly AV Proyectos
Clog Competitions Annual
Cornell Journal of Architecture Crit: Journal of the American Institute of Architecture Students
Dwell Energy and Buildings
Footprint (Technische Universiteit Delft)
Future Anterior: a Journal of Historic Preservation History, Theory, and Criticism Future Arquitecturas
Grey Room International Journal of Islamic Architecture
JAPA: Journal of the American Planning Association Journal of Urban Design
Landscape Journal Metropolis
Muqarnas Nexus Network Journal
OASE Planning
Planning Perspectives RIBA Journal
San Rocco Space (Korea) Gong’gan
Studies in the History of Gardens and Designed Landscapes Thresholds
Topos Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review
Werk Bauen + Wohnen  


APT Bulletin Arcade (Seattle)
Architect (Netherlands) Architect & Builder
Architectura: Zeitschrift fur Geschichte der Baukunst Architecture plus Design (India
Area (Milan) Arkitektur N
Arkitektur: The Swedish Review of Architecture Arkkitehti
ARQ: Architecture/ Quebec ARQ(Chile)
Arris Azure: Design Architecture & Art
Bauwelt The Classicist
Cite: The Architecture and Design Review of Houston Clem Labine’s Traditional Building
DesignIntelligence Deutsche Bauzeitung
DoCoMoMo Journal
Fine Homebuilding Form: Pioneering Design
Frame Frank Lloyd Wright Quarterly
Garden History Home Cultures
Interior Design Journal of Architectural Engineering
Journal of Landscape Architecture JSSAC: Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada
LA+: Interdisciplinary Journal
Marg (Judhpur) Metu Journal of the Faculty of Architecture
Nordisk Arkitekturforsknin (Nordic Journal of Architectural Research) Oculus (NY)
Old-House Journal Oris
Oz Journal Pidgin
Places Preservation
Proekt Russia
‘Scape Scapegoat: Architecture, Landscape, Political Economy
Shi dia jian zhu (Time+ Architecture) Shi jia jian zhu (World Architecture)
SOM Journal Summa + la summa del diseno
Tecton Techne (Florence): journal of technology for architecture and environment
Trace (Chile) Texas Architect
Vernacular Architecture Le Visiteur: revue critique
XIA Intelligente Architekture West 86th: a journal of decorative arts, design history, and material culture

Titles to Watch

Architecture and Culture Architecture Philosophy: International Philosophy
High Performing Buildings Manifest
Project Shawati Magazine

Kathy Edwards is Research and Collection Development Librarian at Gunnin Architecture Library, Clemson University, Barbara Opar is Librarian for Architecture at Syracuse University Libraries, and Rose Orcutt is Architecture and Planning Librarian at University of Buffalo.

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