Mullen Books Announces Occasional Catalog / Kevin Mullen

Mullen Books, of Columbia, PA announces the posting of a Fall Sale catalogue on their website. The catalogue presents over 200 esoteric items noteworthy for their scarcity and price. ARLIS/NA members are encouraged to download the catalogue from our website and spend some quality time with some quality offerings!

Mullen Books specializes in books on the humanities, with a 25 year emphasis on the arts.  Our online database is approaching 95,000 titles. Over 50,000 of these are in stock, and the balance are available for bibliographic research purposes and can be rapidly submitted as a “want” should you wish to be notified when an out-of-stock item re-enters the inventory.

Mullen Books is located in Columbia, PA in a renovated warehouse from 1900, with over 7,000 feet of shelving teeming with books.  We buy and sell individual books of merit and entire libraries of upwards of 35,000 titles. Visits are encouraged, especially by our ARLIS/NA friends! They are always rewarding, and always rewarded!  It’ll be nice to see you and be of service to you.

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