Fortunato Depero website / Steve Kroeter (

My colleagues at Designers & Books and I are happy to announce the launch of the website

While many people are aware of the Italian Futurists, it is not unusual at all for the work of Fortunato Depero not to be well known, even among the very knowledgeable.

New Yorker art critic Peter Schjeldahl said that for him Depero’s work at the Guggenheim’s Futurist exhibition was, “a fascinating discovery.”

Having had the chance to get familiar with the wide range of his work, we take his ideas—especially as depicted and described in the monograph he wrote and designed, Depero Futurista—as striking examples of something from the past that resonates with the present.

Designers & Books is collaborating with The Center for Italian Modern Art in New York and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Trento and Rovereto, Italy (which houses the Depero archives) to help make Depero’s work more visible and accessible. On October 22nd we launched a website that we hope will serve as a go-to online resource for those interested in Depero and Futurism. The site includes the complete contents of Depero Futurista, spread-by-spread, along with images that can be enlarged for closer inspection.

We hope this will help elevate Depero and place him more squarely in the current conversation about the relationship of artists and designs to their work and also their role in contemporary society.


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