Dreams in Dust, The Pastels of Lucas Samaras / Heidi Hass, The Morgan Library & Museum

Dreams of dustThe Morgan Library & Museum is pleased to announce the publication of Dreams in Dust, The Pastels of Lucas Samaras, by Isabelle Dervaux with a contribution by Margaret Holben Ellis and Lindsey Tyne.

Although American artist Lucas Samaras’s reputation rests primarily on his sculptures and photographs, he is also a remarkable draftsman who has produced a considerable body of work on paper throughout his career. Attracted to pastel for its bright colors and shimmering surface – and because it was an unfashionable medium during the heyday of Abstract Expressionist painting – Samaras began working in pastel in the 1950s and returned to it at various periods during the following 25 years. The publication features many of Samaras’s favorite subjects: still lifes, interiors, self-portraits, and abstract compositions. With their dreamlike imagery, erotic suggestion, and mystical overtones, Samaras’s pastels express on an intimate scale his moods and mental states throughout the first three decades of his career.

Published by The Morgan Library & Museum, New York

8 x 11 inches, 96 pages
69 color illustrations
ISBN: 978-0-87598-174-1
May 2016

To order, please call the Morgan Shop at 212-590-0390. 10% discount for ARLIS members.

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