New book on Amelia E. Barr / Richard Minsky

Librarians whose constituency includes Women’s Studies, Book History, American Literature, Material Culture, or Decorative Arts may be interested in my newest work,  American Publishers’ Bindings on the Books of Amelia E. Barr 1882-1919.  Amelia Barr was an important and influential advocate of women’s rights.

Now widely forgotten, she was one of the most popular women authors in America at the turn of the 20th century. She is one of only five women named on the dust jacket flap of Lyle Wright’s American Fiction 1876-1900.

She caught my attention because many beautiful covers on her books were in exhibitions I organized.  In December I presented a Keynote lecture at Smith College titled “Saved by the Cover: Rediscovering Amelia E. Barr.”

This is a limited edition exhibition catalog of 50 copies, 38 of which were ordered pre-publication. Details are at

If you are interested in how this book is constructed, some photos of the binding process are here.

The Books of Amelia E Barr by Richard Minsky
The Books of Amelia E Barr by Richard Minsky

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