New publication announcement: Cutting Edge Art in Havana

510wP6vpbwL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_ Cutting Edge Art in Havana : 100 Cuban Artists / Mayret González-Martínez, Yoanna Toledo-Leyva. –    Philadelphia, PA : ATLA Group, LTD, 322 p. with 487 color ill. 23cm. (2015) (ISBN 9780986443336) (pbk)
Book Webpage:
Details on Publisher:
ATLA Group, Ltd
1720 N. 5th Street #T-204
Philadelphia, PA, 19122 USA
Contact: Anthony Rubenstein,
Price:  $59.95
Available from:  Ingram Books  & Amazon & Worldwide Books


Cutting Edge Art in Havana is the definitive Cuban Contemporary Art book. This must-have reference is both an art catalog profiling more than one hundred Cuban artists living and working in Havana today, and a travel guide to Havana’s dynamic arts and culture panorama. Designed to be both practical and portable, it’s a an art catalog for anyone interested in Latin American or Cuban contemporary art, and a travel guide for anyone planning a visit to Havana.

Cutting Edge Art in Havana profiles more than one hundred Cuban contemporary artists ranging from well-known artists appearing in major international collections to new artists just beginning their careers. Complete with artists’ biographical, professional, and contact information, and fully illustrated with representative works selected by the artists themselves, Cutting Edge Art in Havana presents all this information cross-referenced with detailed maps to the artists’ workshops and studios, alongside Havana’s museums and cultural centers, alternative and independent exhibition spaces, and even our curators’ suggestions for the best places to eat and drink in Havana.

Cutting Edge Art in Havana is the most exhaustive and up-to-date Cuban contemporary art guide book/catalog available. This indispensable resource is the result of an exhaustive one-year curatorial process and field study by a team of Cuban curators and art historians.

                                                   ARTIST’S PROFILE EXAMPLE:




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